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High quality ophthalmic medical and surgical services offered:

• Complete ophthalmic examinations - slit lamp biomicroscopy, direct/indirect fundic examinations with intraocular pressure measurement (TonoPen XL®), gonioscopy, and electroretinogram. Estimates for other procedures are given to clients based upon the examination findings.

• Ophthalmic surgeries - nasolacrimal, eyelid correction, conjunctival, corneal, lenticular (IOL implantation with cataract and lens luxation), intrascleral and intraorbital prostheses, etc.

• Cryosurgical procedures - eyelid neoplasias, distichiasis and trichiasis.

• Diode laser surgery for glaucoma and some ocular melanomas.

• Ophthalmic emergencies are always welcome and will be handled promptly, according to your referral information.

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